With the winter wrapping up and the warmer weather on it's way, we can open the windows, clean and repair the decks, adn get ready to worship the sun. This is where you and your loved ones will be able to spend some time together and in person as we continue to weather the Covid storm. 

As you are cleaning and prepping for this new season to start, take a few extra moments to make a "To Do List" and pay attention to the following:


  • hanging cupboard doors

  • loose baseboards

  • noisy bath fan

  • moldy silicone

  • leaking toilet and faucets

  • missing/old door seals

  • drafty windows

  • loose banisters

  • missing fire alarms

  • broken tiles

Our company can help you clean, repair, and prepare for the new season and whatever it may bring into your life. Through dedicated hard work and a natural talent for renovations and repairs, Handyman Geordie and team works with you in planning the best way to care for your home and real-estate.


What is your real-estate saying about you?

Curb appeal says a lot. Whether you are staying or selling, the exterior of your property speaks volumes about you the owner and the likely condition of your real-estate.

Realistically, we all get busy, and not everyone likes to paint! With a simple phone call and a wave of the brush, Relist Renovations can knock this off your list as well!