With dedication to quality work and service, the Relist Reno's team can help you clean, repair, and prepare for this winter. We will do our best to make this season of lockdown an little easier. Be sure to call today and book your appointment for a free evaluation.

The safety of everyone is important. Our team will be do a health screening before arrival and will be wearing appropriate masks and gloves.


This winter you are watching the heat bill go up and feeling the drafts setting in. Your space has been well used, but not likely well organized. Kids are distracted while working on school work. You too are finding it hard to focus on work at home, nor can you really relax due to work invading your home.


We hear you and are here to help you by taking care of the repairs, renovations, and even to simply brighten up your environment with a fresh pallet of colours.


To help make a plan let's take a walk through your environment and in each room make brief notes on:

1- ROF (Repairs Often Forgotten). These end up being points of stress as you are continuously reminded about them. Eg. Broken switch covers, loose bannister, leaky faucet, running toilet, drafty window, moldy silicone.

2 - ETM (Effective Time Management) While in each room visualize who uses that space and if it efficient. Can work be completed with little interruption? Is what you need readily available? Is each area laid out efficiently? Can you relax or serve your purpose well?

3 - Make note of how you think the space could be organized to help you, your team, or your family meet the desired goals. We can help you to figure out this part.

4 - Book your appointment today by calling or emailing us at Relist Renovations so that we can book an initial evaluation for FREE. 

We look forward to helping improve the quality of your work and home life.